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Whether you’re looking to refresh your space or create a new look, our team can help with a range of painting services


Guevara’s Painting, in San Jose, CA, is your trusted partner for exceptional painting services. We understand the importance of improving the look of your home or business space. Our dedicated team focuses on every detail of the painting job, aiming to exceed your expectations.



Guevara’s Painting delivers premium residential painting solutions in San Jose, CA. Our team focuses on painting inside and outside walls and cabinets. We recognize the value of your home and commit to enhancing its appearance. In our approach to interior painting, we aim to renew your living areas.



Guevara’s Painting specializes in commercial painting in San Jose, CA, aiming to enhance the appearance of your business. Our experienced team manages painting tasks of any size with expertise. We prioritize making your space inviting, using top-notch paints and modern methods.


Guevara’s Painting is your best choice for interior painting in San Jose, CA. Our team of skilled painters has expertise in all the perfect techniques to make your home look great. We use top-notch paint and tools to ensure a vibrant and long-lasting look.


Guevara’s Painting offers professional exterior painting services in San Jose, CA. Our team comprises experienced painters proficient in utilizing only premium paints and materials, guaranteeing the durability of your exterior paint.



Guevara’s Painting in San Jose, CA, specializes in comprehensive cabinet painting services that rejuvenate and transform kitchen cabinets. Our process begins with thoroughly cleaning to remove all dirt and grease, ensuring the paint adheres well and lasts longer.

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Fence Painting

At Guevara’s Painting, located in San Jose, CA, we deliver top-tier fence painting services that breathe new life into your fences. Our comprehensive solution starts with an in-depth fence cleaning to ensure every surface is free from dirt and grime, setting the stage for a flawless painting job.


Garage Painting

At Guevara’s Painting, we specialize in making your garage a visually appealing and protected space. Our garage painting services in San Jose, CA, begin with careful surface preparation to ensure a flawless paint application. We know how essential a solid foundation is for your space, so we thoroughly apply primer to all surfaces, ensuring optimal preparation.

Epoxy flooring

Guevara’s Painting transforms your floors with our top-notch epoxy flooring services in San Jose, CA. Our process begins with an in-depth surface preparation, ensuring that your floor is perfectly primed for the epoxy application.


Wood painting

Guevara’s Painting, in San Jose, CA, offers top-notch wood painting services to our valued clients. Our expertise extends beyond simple painting tasks; we encompass a full spectrum of services designed to enhance and protect your wooden surfaces.


Mold Painting

At Guevara’s Painting, we recognize that the foundation of an exceptional painting job lies in thorough surface preparation. Our dedicated team begins every project by preparing the surfaces to ensure the highest quality finish.

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