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Guevara’s Painting provides professional cabinet painting services in San Jose, CA, that rejuvenate and transform kitchen cabinets. Our process begins with thoroughly cleaning to remove all dirt and grease, ensuring the paint adheres well and lasts longer. We then proceed to remove all hardware to guarantee a seamless painting process. Depending on the cabinet’s condition, we sand to prepare the surface for painting, ensuring any previous finishes are appropriately addressed. We patch or repair damaged areas to achieve a smooth surface for cabinets showing wear and tear. A high-quality primer sets the stage for the painting or staining process, ensuring the color looks vibrant and lasts. After painting, we apply a protective topcoat to safeguard your cabinets against daily use. Finally, we reinstall the hardware, clean up the workspace, and dispose of all materials, leaving your kitchen transformed and ready for use.


Your Cabinet Refinishing Journey Starts Here

Selecting Guevara’s Painting for your cabinet refinishing needs means choosing unparalleled dedication and quality. Our cabinet painters is committed to transforming your cabinets into pieces that look beautiful and withstand the test of time. Our thorough preparation ensures that the final paint or stain application is flawless. We understand that each cabinet is unique, so we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of your cabinets, whether they require patching, repairing, or a particular type of paint or stain. Our materials and protective topcoats guarantee that your cabinets will resist the elements, maintaining their beauty for years. With Guevara’s Painting, you’re not just getting a service but investing in a long-lasting solution that adds value to your home. So contact us today and get the best cabinet painting services.

Enhancing Your Home with Guevara's Painting

Enhance your home with the professional cabinet painting services offered by Guevara’s Painting. Our San Jose team excels in transforming your kitchen or bathroom cabinets into elegant and durable home elements. The journey begins with detailed cleaning, then carefully removing hardware to ensure every nook and cranny is painted perfectly. We assess the need for sanding based on the cabinet’s current finish, guaranteeing that the new paint adheres correctly and looks stunning. Our repair and patching services address imperfections, providing a smooth base for the primer. The choice of paint or stain is then meticulously applied, followed by a protective topcoat that enhances durability and aesthetic appeal. Once the painting process is complete, we reinstall the hardware, clean up the workspace, and handle the disposal of materials. Choosing Guevara’s Painting means opting for a hassle-free, high-quality service that brings your vision to life.

Why Choose us

Cabinet Transformation Techniques

We employ unique cabinet transformation techniques tailored to your cabinets’ specific materials and styles, ensuring the finish is beautiful and enhances the durability and functionality of your kitchen or bathroom spaces in San Jose, CA.

Eco-Friendly and Health-Conscious Solutions

We prioritize using eco-friendly and low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints and materials, safeguarding the health of your family and pets. Our approach reduces environmental impact while ensuring a safe and odor-free environment during and after painting.

Personalized Color Consultation

We offer personalized color consultations to match your cabinets to your home’s aesthetic and taste. Our expertise in color trends and combinations will help you choose the perfect shades to rejuvenate your space with a modern and stylish look.

Absolutely! Our use of low-VOC paints and efficient processes allow you to stay in your home comfortably while we transform your cabinets with minimal disruption.

We recommend clearing the countertops and removing fragile items from your kitchen. Our team will handle the rest, including covering appliances and floors for protection.

Our high-quality materials and topcoats ensure your painted cabinets will be highly durable, resistant to elements, and maintain their aesthetic look.

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